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We Produce for Sustainable Environment and Healthy Generations.

As ALISSAPACK, we aim to respond quickly to demands, to supply on time, to offer quality products/services and competitive prices, and to provide the best service in terms of information and technical support, by determining changing demands on the basis of needs and expectations, customer satisfaction on time.

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Sustainable Future For Sustainable Living

Circular Production Policy

As Alissa Pack, we support the circular economy by aiming to protect resources for future generations in line with our Sustainability Strategy.

Sustainability Report

We value the opinions of our stakeholders and integrate them into our sustainability priorities analysis.


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Always First Choice Plastic in Packaging

Always First Choice Plastic in Packaging

The world packaging industry is a very large and large industry branch, and the plastic packaging industry has an important place in the economies of countries. In parallel wi...

Plastic Packaging Industry Will Grow More

Plastic Packaging Industry Will Grow More

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